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  • Evil Schemer
    The website of artist and author Christian Conkle. Great artwork and links to more.

  • Andree Wallin
    The most up to date gallery for Andree Wallin. He has absolutely amazing digital backgrounds, cityscapes, and other pieces of digital art.

  • Malignant Librarian
    The art blog of a wonderful artist, Al Lukehart, who specializes in cartooning. Lots of links to her gallery, portfolio, and more.

  • Jenna Guffogg
    The Deviant Art Gallery for Jenna Guffogg, a fantastic australian artist who uses a mixed set of mediums. Some of her work is very reminiscent of Larry Elmore.

  • Matt Conti
    The Deviant Art Gallery for Matt Conti, an artist with a meticulous eye for details. He loves drawing nasty looking beasties, critters, and monsters.

  • Profantasy Software
    Makers of the Profantasy Mapping Software used in many of the maps on this website. Easy to use, very attractive, and reasonably priced. You can find a free map viewer software here.

  • Great River Games
    Among the best of small press fantasy roleplaying games. The creator's background is steeped in the old school of wargaming, but the game itself is a flexible and voluminous system. His favorite part of the campaign is maps and his site has quite a number of hand drawn maps easily placed inside any campaign.

  • Game Parlor
    A great local store that sells games of all kinds and specializes in Roleplaying and Strategy Games. A great place to buy if you are in the DC Metropolitan Area. We also run several campaigns from both locations.

    General Information

    Alpha Chronicles is created, produced, and distributed by Alpha Chronicles. Being a micro-business we are always looking for good artists, authors, and playtesters. Our commissions are currently very modest, and we are not looking for full or part time employees. All inquiries should be relayed to Human Resources. All correspondence should be sent to:
    Alpha Chronicles
    14758 Delta Ct.
    Woodbridge VA, 22193
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