Current Edition Downloads

Alpha Chronicles Game Aids
Alpha Chronicles - Starter RulesPDF
FAQ & ErrataPDF
First Time Player Cheat SheetPDF
Game Master ScreenPDF
Option Drain RulesPDF
Special Random EventsPDF

Alpha Chronicles Character & GM Sheets
2 Page Character Sheets - NonfillablePDF
3 Page Character Sheets - NonfillablePDF
Full Character Sheet Collection - NonfillablePDF

3 Page Character Sheets - FillablePDF
Magical Apprentice Set - FillablePDF

Gadget & Device Sheet - FillablePDF
Headquarters & Organization Sheet - FillablePDF
Sidekick Sheet - FillablePDF
Spell Effect Sheets - FillablePDF
Unarmed Maneuvers Sheet - FillablePDF
Vehicle Sheet - FillablePDF
World of Selan Calendar Sheet - FillablePDF

Non-player Character Sheet - FillablePDF

Community Submissions
Alternate Elemental ControlPDF
Computer SciencePDF
New OptionsPDF
Slow Slippery SlopesPDF

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Previous Edition Downloads

Alpha Chronicles
Original Character Sheet - BlackPDF
Original Character Sheet - GrayPDF

Alpha Arkana 2.0
Character CreationMS Word
Skills and CombatMS Word
Magic and Enchantment (Incomplete)MS Word
Tome of the Arkana 2.0MS Word
Character SheetsMS Word

Original Alpha Chronicles
IntroductionMS Word
Creation and AdvancementMS Word
Powers and OptionsMS Word
Skills and Combat SystemsMS Word
Tome of the Arkana (Chronicles)MS Word
WeaponsMS Word
Enchanted ItemsMS Word
Campaign and Bonus StuffMS Word
Character SheetsMS Word

Original Alpha Arkana
Core RulesMS Word
Tome of the ArkanaMS Word
Hidden Lore (Incomplete)MS Word
Character SheetMS Word

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