How to Stay Healthy and Fit During the Winter Holidays

The good thing about winters is that they come with holidays; but your workout routines should not be sacrificed on the altar of chilly winter weather and parties. How will you take care of your fitness needs during those 3 months of low temperatures?

Most people usually do it the wrong way — by saying quits to the gym when it’s the winter holidays. But it turns out that that’s a bad idea.  Fitness is a big world of greatness with its own simple rules. The natural rule of thumb is this — you can’t gain what you don’t work for; and you will lose what you gained if you don’t work to keep it.

How is Wintertime Different?

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, you will feel winter rushing in around December 22 and it will and last all the way to March 20. Those 3 cold months contain the festive celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, New Year, and others. Winter in the southern hemisphere however, comes around in June, July, and August.

The festiveness coupled with the freezing weather, can affect the normal workout plans of anyone. It’s easy to give up your workouts around that time, since the motivation to step out to the gym is difficult to find.

Staying Healthy During Winter

Going into winter hibernation (inactivity) will end up compromising your health and overall fitness. If you stay indoors without embarking on any physical activity, any muscle mass you’ve gained may fade away. Excessive calories will also start to bother you again if you don’t watch your diet. To guarantee long-lasting health and fitness during the winter season, experts recommend you to do the following activities.

Have Fun with the Cold

Instead of avoiding the cold, make good use of it. Winter comes with secret health benefits, but most people aren’t aware of them. According to Scott Carney (an anthropologist), running in the cold, in addition to breathing exercises, could give positive physiological results. Exposure to cold has been scientifically linked with aiding weight loss and counteracting diabetes. To order steroids and boost your winter workouts, click here

Do Some Indoor Exercises

Before you leave your room, do some indoor warm up activities to foster blood circulation. Your warm up can be performed on a treadmill or exercise bike. Cold can take away your outdoor routines, but being active indoors will equally improve your health. Shun the escalator and elevator and go with the stairs to improve your cardio fitness.

Acquire a New Set of Training Gear

Winter workouts are different from summer ones. You are advised to get yourself some new exercise gear. You need to do away with shorts and go for longer clothes to cover you up.

Take a Good Diet

There’s more to winter fitness than just workouts. Your eating habits must be kept in check as well. Winter cannot be fun if you don’t eat healthily. Nourish your system with green veggies and fibrous foods like oats, nuts and apples. Calorie-packed diets should not be the order of winter. Stick to what’s good for your weight and health.

Drink Enough Water

Winter weather can trick you to not feeling thirsty. That’s not a good thing; frosty seasons come with skin-drying effects. Drink enough water and apply creams and moisturizers to soften your skin.

Sleep Well

In winter, the days are relatively short. But you can have a great long sleep at night. The exciting events can be moderately attended while taking some time off to relax.


Wintertime comes once a year. But you have to consider doing some indoor workouts, eating well, sleeping well. Also, think about joining your friends for some outdoor workout activities like running, hiking, snowboarding, and so on.

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