Tips for Filling Your Downtime When You’re Away on Business in the UK

When you are away from home for business, during the day, you are probably busy working and meeting new people and seeing new things.  This leaves very little time to miss home and miss the people at home. It’s when you are winding down in a hotel at the end of the day that you may find that you miss home.  You may feel restless and agitated when you have this downtime, and this can make even the best business trip something you dread taking.

There are some things that you can do to make your downtime when you are away go by a little bit faster and you may even find that you look forward to your evenings.

Play a Game of Bingo

Bingo?  Yes! Bingo!  Bingo is immensely popular in the UK and around the world.  The best part, you don’t even have to wander the city you are visiting to find a bingo hall because bingo can be enjoyed from your computer or mobile device online! provides no deposit bingo sites that will allow you to play a game that you know and love without depositing any of your own money unless of course, you want to.  You will be surprised at just how many sites are to enjoy and how interactive and fun they are.

Nothing like a great game that is easy to play, and gives you the chance to win real money, to help you pass the time!

Learn a New Game or Try Something New

Bingo not your thing?  If you love going to the casino or have always wanted to go to a casino but haven’t, you can have the casino experience right from your hotel room.  Most online casinos today are mobile-friendly, so you can even play from your tablet or phone! You can learn a game you have never played before such as roulette, blackjack, keno, baccarat and more!  Some of these sites even have live games that will allow you to interact with other players while you play so you can socialize as well as play a game! is an amazing site where you can learn about some of the best sites to play casino games on the internet.   You’ll find a ton of great promotional offers that will allow you to play for nothing or next to nothing, and still have the chance to win real money.  Imagine being able to come home from your business trip a few bucks richer!

Explore the Hotel Amenities

Of course, if you need to get out of your room because you have played all the games you can, you should check out the hotel pool or hot tub. Sometimes just a few minutes in the water will help you relax and be able to get to sleep when you get back to your room.  Does the hotel have a sauna? Even better, sweat your cares away. If you are feeling particularly lively, hit the workout room to work up a sweat before you go back to your room and shower for the night.

Phone Home

Use your downtime to call or FaceTime the people you know and love. Have you been meaning to call your friend back for a couple of weeks? Now that you have some free time, give them a call.  You can fill your free time and touch base with a friend who deserves your time and attention. So often these phone calls and texts go undone because we are too busy, but when you have this downtime to kill, this is a great use of your time and energy.

Enjoy Your Life

It is easy to get into a routine of dreading your business trips but it’s important to break that cycle.  You can make it a great time to grow your business and your career and also have some time that you reserve to do things that you like, such as play games you love, go for a swim, catch up with friends and more.  Downtime doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you just have to change your mindset, so it is something you look forward to.

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