11 first date tricks that might get you a second one

One of the most terrifying and simultaneously exciting times is the first date. If it is someone you really like, you have to start thinking on getting that second date even before the first one starts. We all want to make a great impression, but sometimes all the great planning and complexities will torpedo a date faster than anything. Let’s look at what you need to do to stop that downward spiral, and impress them enough that they want a second date. 

Keep it simple

Keep it simple, don’t go hot air ballooning on the first date, never mind that you didn’t know she was scared of heights and never stopped screaming. Keep it simple and do some things that are nice and fairly standard. Don’t try and impress by where you are going, that never works, impress by who you are. It makes it hard to keep making the dates better as time goes on even if you are successful for the first date with something crazy.  

Make a plan B and a plan C

Things change, plan for it. You had planned on going for a walk along the boardwalk, but there is a freak rainstorm? Well, that’s ok, as you have a plan B, and save the day and are not standing there shell-shocked not knowing what to do. Always have 3 different dates planned out, for “just in case” disasters. Going to a show and it cancels? You have it covered. This shows your date that you are competent and a take-charge person with lots of confidence. 

Don’t surprise them too much

Let your date have an idea of what’s going to happen. If you really do want to surprise them, make sure it’s something that you 100% know they will enjoy. Make sure that you let them know the dress code as well. If they think they are going out casually and suddenly you are taking them to the opera, they will hate you for it. No surprises on the first date unless they are small and easily covered and changed if something goes wrong. 


This means you. Make sure you are wearing freshly washed clothes. If you have to do the sniff test to see if its clean, then you shouldn’t be wearing it, period. Make sure you are clean and groomed. Get a haircut and get a manicure (women notice). Wear a mild cologne, and use less than half what you think you should. You just want to have a nice smell mixed in with yours and not smell like a perfume bottle. 


Whatever you are doing, take your date to a meal. A sit-down and chat restaurant where there is no hurry. There is nothing more important than bonding over a meal. If you can’t make it through a meal with your date, then no matter what you do, it is doomed to failure anyway. For conversation? See below.

Ask questions and be interested

Ask questions about her life and be interested in the answers. Don’t interrogate, just be interested. People love to talk about themselves to an interested ear. You might have to ask some questions, such as what are her favorite movies, and then why they are her favorite movies, but once you get the flow going, all they will remember was it was a great conversation. Try and avoid talking about yourself unless is it something to make them laugh. 

Don’t try something new

Stick with what you know and don’t try anything new. Don’t go to a restaurant you have never been to before, as you don’t know how it will go. Save that for later dates. As we said before, she doesn’t want surprises, and for this one, neither do you. If you do things and go places you have been before, you will also feel more comfortable and it will show as confidence. 

DND your phone

For God’s sake, turn off your phone. If you’re on a date, that’s where you should have your head. Not answering texts on how the date is going. Give her your undivided attention. Unless you are a doctor or an IT specialist that is on call, turn your phone to Do Not Disturb. There is nothing that will shut down a second date faster than paying attention to your phone and not the person you are with. 

Don’t get drunk

We get it, you are nervous and feel you need to fortify your nerves. Just don’t do it. When you are drunk you might be Don Juan in your mind, but trust us, you are Don Wannabe instead. That will also kill your chances at a future date. Keep your wits about you and yourself under control, do not get drunk. 

Don’t ask anything too personal

Don’t ask your date questions that are too personal. You are on a first date, so don’t be asking how many men they have slept with, or what underarm deodorant they use. Don’t dig, just ask surface questions and enjoy the conversation. You can always ask personal ones later when they feel more comfortable with you, later, much later. 

Don’t try and close

You are attracted to her and would love to take her home for the night. If you don’t care about a second date and are looking for a one-night stand only, go for it, but if you are looking to date for a while, don’t even try and close. Women are expecting it and if you don’t try, it will be a pleasant surprise to them, showing them that you are not just some skirt chasing dog that only wants them for one thing. It will show more respect. This will definitely up the ante for a second date. Feel free to be a skirt-chasing dog after date three.

If you follow most of these rules above and get the theme, you will understand more and your chances of a second date will be greatly improved. We can’t guarantee a successful relationship, but we can guarantee that your odds for another date will skyrocket. The rest is up to you. 

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