Eric Wetlaufer on Treating Girls Right

I was never particularly good with the ladies during my younger years and apart from the girl who is now my wife, I didn’t have much experience with women at all. My friend Eric Wetlaufer on the other hadn’t really had the gift when it came to speaking to girls and he is also someone who greatly respects women and treats them very well. I wanted to write a piece for all the young guys out there about how they should treat women and so I called on my friend for some frank advice on the best way to be with your partner.


Eric says that so many guys are hung up on trying to impress women with their exploits that they very often fail to listen to what they are saying when they are talking. In his view this is the best way to understand a woman and how to find connections with them. Eric thinks that women are much better listeners than men and as a result of this they place extra emphasis on your ability to hear and understand them. Next time that you have a chat with your partner why not try listening a little more?


It should go without saying but fidelity is a virtue that is absolutely necessary in a relationship. For many men their greatest downfall is not being faithful and having an inability to decline offers from other women. We see cases like this all the time and Eric says that it is the biggest mistake that a man can make. Once you have been unfaithful there is no turning back and even if you are forgiven, it will change the relationship forever.

I Love You

Eric says that girls love to feel special and that guys often get this very wrong indeed. In fact in his view he believes that a woman much much prefer a kind message or an ‘I love you’ text, than a big bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. We must always remember to appreciate the women in our lives and whether you make a call, send an email or text your partner to offer kind words, this will go down very well indeed and remind them how much we care about them.

Their Friends

When you first start to court your partner it is essential that you do all that you can to get on well with their friends, even if you don’t really like them. Much like boys, Eric says that a girl’s friends are the authority figures on what she should do and the decisions that she should make, so being friends with her friends is very important. It is important for a girl that her friends get along with you so you should try and be at your charming best when you spend any kind of time with them.

Follow Eric’s tips and you will be just fine.

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