Danny Boice – What Duties Do Private Investigators Have

As part of our focus on different types of careers today we have a highly interesting breakdown of a career which not too many people may be familiar with, private investigation. In order to bring you the most accurate information we spoke with private investigator Danny Boice and his partner Jennifer Mellon about the duties that a private investigator has. Both of these professionals work with Trustify, a brilliant company which helps to put clients in touch with the very best private investigators. To understand more about the kind of things that Danny and his team get up to, let’s take a look at some of their key duties.


Research is a key part of the job that private investigators do and whilst the information and the reason for researching may change, the practice does not. A Pi may have to research information about legal records, family history, computer searches or any other form of research that pertains to the case that they are working on. Because of the level of research which they often need to carry out a private investigator myst be well connected and know where to go to get the info that they need.


As part of a private investigator’s fact finding mission they very often need to interview people about the case, and know how to get the necessary information from such an interview. The people being interviewed could be from any walk of life and it could be someone that has witnessed an accident to someone who is a relative of a missing person. This is a very varied job and so these interviews can take on many different forms.


A key part of a private investigators job is surveillance and they must have a very good ability to conduct this kind of surveillance. A private investigator may have been asked to watch over the house of a parent during a divorce proceeding, they may have been asked to perform a background check on someone which could also see them follow someone’s moves or they may even have been asked by the courts to keep an eye on a person of interest. In order to be a great private investigator one must have great surveillance skills and for Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon, this is their speciality, using techniques which they learned in the Marines.

The job requirements for a role such as this aren’t very specific but you must had a Bachelor’s Degree and in order to qualify for the position a history in the forces or in criminal justice could be helpful. A private investigator license is required to practice this position and in order to obtain it you need to be able to show that you can carry out the roles and responsibilities that a PI may have to whilst they are on the job.

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