How to Create a Positive Culture Like Best Version Media

If someone were to ask you about what the company culture is like in your business what would your answer be? That is something that many companies are wrestling with as they try to create amore positive culture for there members of staff. One company that does a phenomenal job at creating a positive and exciting culture within their company is Best Version Media. This global publishing firm creates micro tag magazines for a number of businesses and communities and they have gained a reputation as being a great place to work, you only need to see the online reviews to discover just how happy the staff are here. To create a culture like they have here, these are some of things your company should be doing.


Staff expect a company which is open and honest, and a company which delivers on promises that it makes to its staff, rather than the bait and switch tactics which many use. These means holding leaders and managers in the business to account and making sure that they are following through on their word to the employees.


A draconian approach which forces staff to work each day and demonizes them for trying to take a day off will only serve to turn the work force against you, something which will come back to bite you later on. The best companies with great cultures are those that understand the needs of their staff and that accommodate their private lives. At Best Version Media the staff are always willing to go the extra mile for the company because they know that when they need some assistance, it is always forthcoming.


The men and women that work for us will spend the large majority of their lives in the workplace so it is our duty as business owners and employers, that we do all that we can to add some fun to proceedings. Of course you must be careful that the fun doesn’t overshadow the hard work that is required but when it comes to rewarding people for great work, you must get creative and inject some fun into the way that you are working.


What staff want the most during their day at work is to know that they are valued by the company that they work for. What these means for your business in terms of creating a positive culture is that you need to include your staff in what is going on. Making decision between a couple of people in a closed room is hardly likely to make employees feel valued, so try to include them as often as you can in decision making and idea harvesting. Make your staff feel valued and you can expect to get a lot more from them when it is time to work.

These are the cornerstones to a positive working culture in your company.

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