Grooming Tips for Older Men

As men approach their sunset years, a substantial number tend to give up on their appearance. With crow’s feet, sagging skin and graying hair, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought that soon you will start looking like your father. Be that as it may, being 50+ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw in the towel regarding your looks and style or look like an old man. There are some effective measures you can take to counter the metamorphosis. From protecting your skin’s texture to curbing errant hair, here are straight forward grooming and styling techniques to help you counter genetics and look healthier, refreshed and younger.

Manage your facial hair

Your hair is usually tame and on the parts where it is supposed to be when young. But as you get older, things change and you facial hair follicles start sprouting almost anywhere on your head and also start escaping your nose! To help you counter that, here is are some suggestions:

– Nostrils: Although the hairs here are natural, they shouldn’t be visible to other people. So use a grooming pair of scissors and a magnifying mirror to get rid of these follicles.

– Ears: Trim away any hairs that sprout from your ear canal. Do the same on the hairs around outside the ear. You can use an electric trimmer for this.

– Eyebrows; Tweezers should be your friend from now on. Remember not to overdo it and only go for hairs that don’t fit your brows’ shape using a pair of forceps. When it comes to the ideal length, your barber can handle it when you go for a cut.

Your haircut

Go to a stylist and ask him or her the perfect way to blend your favourite cut with your age. And regardless of the haircut, let it be one that you can manage easily. If you can fix it every morning, that’s fine but if you can’t, then get something simple and maintain it. If you’re thinning, try a thickener product like Biothik to give your hair more coverage on your head. If it’s too far gone though just shave the lot, combovers don’t work for anyone.

Take care of your face

Using your favourite cleanser, wash your face at least twice a day. If you are prone to acne or your skin is oily, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid and if you have a very sensitive skin, go for a fragrance free cleanser. Similarly if you have a dry skin, go for a moisturizing face wash. Apply a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 15 afterwards to help curb skin aging and wrinkles, sunspots and fine lines. Also, because most men who are over 40 are vulnerable to age spots, a face whitening cream to reduce pigmentation can be a great addition to your daily skincare routine.

Go for Brands that are ideal for your body

Consider changing your favourite brands, particularly when your body starts changing in posture and size. Clothes that fit well when you were 28 may not cut it when you age. If you know some reliable and good brands for things like shirts and suits stick with them. But if you don’t, visit a menswear store and ask the attendants for some good recommendations. Try them and see which ones fit well on your body.

Invest in a quality moisturizer

Nowadays, taking care of your body skin is not a girl thing anymore! More and more men are investing in anti –aging and skin care products. Besides, taking care of yourself doesn’t make you any less of a man. With the right products, you can make sure your skin is moisturized and hydrated leaving you looking healthy and youthful for several years to come. There are many brands now that offer good quality skin serums and moisturizers for men. Go for those with ingredients like taurine, retinol and Vitamin C for optimal results.

Don’t over accessorize

If you wear a necklace, don’t make it obvious. Don’t go for a shouting one. Understated and simple is good. If it has any design or words on they should say something about your personality. It can be something like a star or across that reminds you of something important like family or an event. A simple watch and one ring can also do the magic. Note: Avoid pink and red rings like the plague.

There is a very thin line between looking old-fashioned and classic. Your choices can either make you look an ancestor with limited options in your closet or to stand out from the crowd without disguising your age. In addition to these tips, remember to workout. Keeping fit is good for your spirit, mind and body. It will ensure your heart is working optimally and keep your body in shape.

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