Unleash Your Imagination

Alpha Chronicles is a universal role-playing system that is well-balanced, easy to learn, and truly offers unlimited gaming possibilities. Novices and experienced players alike will love the freedom, simplicity, and versatility of character creation. Whatever the genre or setting of your game, it will easily fit into the percentile framework of the Alpha Chronicles system.

One Book, Limitless Possibilities

The Alpha Chronicles Core Rules includes everything needed to play the game. Character creation, skill systems, combat rules, and advancement rules are all included in this single game-book. Alpha Chronicles boasts a detailed and extensive skill system which will allow players to fully flesh out their characters, including many skills not found in other game systems.

Fully tailoring your character is easy with Alpha Chronicles' system of options and powers. You select which powers you want, and how much of your character to devote to that power. You can play a character entirely focused upon a single power, or diversify into several weaker powers: the choice is always yours! In Alpha Chronicles, powers are rarely static. You decide how to improve them as your character advances in experience.

The Alpha Chronicles rules are dynamic but easy to understand. Everything in the system uses a set of percentile dice (d10s). It only takes two dice to play, so skill rolls and combat resolution are both quick and intuitive. You will only rarely be focused upon a set of charts or diagrams to determine is the action was successful.

Game Masters will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the system to fit into your world. With the wide variety of skills, powers, and rules available, you can fit any setting into the Alpha Chronicles game system. Creating new worlds is a breeze simply decide what skills, powers, and races are available to players. You can even create new Hero Types easily!

Most importantly, Alpha Chronicles is open to you! Join the Alpha Chronicles community online to find free content available for download and gamers can submit their own modification for the world to enjoy. Check out our Forum & Wiki links to read about currently running campaigns of Alpha Chronicles, discussions on new rules, frequently asked questions, and archives of past chronicles. Our forum is open to all, but please register by e-mailing CustomerService for your own login credentials.

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