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Alpha Chronicles is a universal Role Playing Game that uses a skill-based percentile system. Alpha Chronicles is an easy game, well balanced between playability and realism. Varied enough to support any genre, story, or character concept. This game is available for a free download in our Downloads section and we welcome ideas, suggestions, submissions, and player input of all kinds. In addition to the most recent version of Alpha Chronicles, we have the original Alpha Arkana files also available for free download. Alpha Arkana is a dedicated fantasy roleplaying game that uses similar rules to Alpha Chronicles. It exists in a continually growing and rich campaign world of Selan. Information on the Campaign world of Selan is available in the wiki link.

Check out our Forum link to read about currently running campaigns of Alpha Chronicles, discussions on new rules, frequently asked questions, and archives of past chronicles. Our forum is open to all, but please register and use your account name to post. Anonymous postings may be deleted.

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