4 Easy Ways to Market Your Drop Shipping Site

A drop shipping site can be the ideal choice for someone who wants to start with eCommerce with limited capital. However, in order to be successful, you have to find ways to attract steady traffic to your website without breaking the bank. In this article, we’re going to give you a few simple methods that you can use to gain visibility for your website.

Create an Ecommerce Blog

Setting up a blog is one of the best long-term methods to market a drop shipping site. Blogging about eCommerce increases your credibility as a website owner, and it can generate traffic for your main site as a result.

Your blog could be a great place to post product reviews for the products you sell, and you can include links to buy them in the blog posts. Or you could create general ‘how to’ articles using some of the items you sell. This will make your blog an actual resource for your clients, increasing the odds they’ll buy from you later on.

Support Your Customers

If you want to stand out from the competition, offer real-time chat support. This saves you the hassle of manning a phone while still allowing you to support potential customers. Ecommerce stores that offer live support tend to sell more products than their rivals. Provide good support for your customers and you’ll deepen the relationship and increase the odds they’ll become repeat buyers.

Create a Series of Videos

This could be a supplement to the blog or separate from it. If you have high quality video equipment and the basic knowledge to shoot a good video, you could create videos to be published on a variety of video hosting platforms. Video actually does a better job converting people than text and pictures, so throw in a few product review videos. Don’t forget to post these same links in your video descriptions.

Advertise on Social Media

The next step is advertising on social media sites. This is a good choice if your organic traffic is not growing as fast as you’d like. Note that you need to know what search terms you will target the ads for in order to maximize conversions as well as the intent of your ads.

Facebook is actually ideal when you’re trying to bridge the gap between sharing social media posts and advertising. For example, they let you promote your posts so that they show up higher in news feeds to generate more traffic, and you can pay for formal ads on Facebook. Similar thing can be said about YouTube, which is used even by larger businesses like Daymond on Demand Reviews.

Depending on the advertising platform you are using, you can select who will see the ads based on their demographics. Have a clear image of your current customer or ideal customer, and then target the ads at that audience.

Know that you can experiment with different ad campaigns and varying demographic profiles, in addition to trying out a number of ads. Use the built-in tools to study conversion rates so that you can determine which combination of ads, audience, and timing leads to the greatest increase in sales or has the best return on investment.

You have to invest some time and effort marketing your drop shipping site to generate more traffic. Over time, it will continue to grow and generate the revenue you want.

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