Call the Pros: 4 Jobs You Shouldn’t “DIY”

The DIY movement – if it can be called a movement – is respectable for a number of reasons. For one, it has curbed a lot of people’s impulse to throw something out when it stops working. Instead of tossing that old holey pair of jeans, they pick up a sewing needle and breathe new life into the garment. It has also stopped people from buying unnecessary items. Instead of ordering a plastic birdhouse on Amazon, for instance (which is wasteful in its packaging), they make the birdhouse themselves from wood they have lying around.

These are great impulses to have, and they make for a necessary antidote to hyper-consumerism. But there are certain DIY projects you just shouldn’t do yourself. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, nor would you attempt to fly off a cliff in a homemade aircraft. Some people have tried to do the following four jobs themselves, but it doesn’t often work out well. Here are a few jobs that are best left for the pros.

Electrical Work

Not only do you have to worry about electrocution when you attempt a rewiring project, but an improperly wired outlet or appliance can result in arcing, overheating and, potentially, a house fire. Where your electrical system is concerned, it is best to leave it to an electrician, preferably a certified master electrician with residential experience.


Rather than consulting an internet article on how fix your drains – a process that can go wrong a thousand different ways – consult a checklist for hiring the right plumber instead. A quality plumber has tools that are prohibitively expensive for a homeowner to procure, like high voltage augers and CCTV cameras. They also have the experience and know-how to get a plumbing job done quickly and reliably. Go the DIY route and you might find that the problem doesn’t actually get solved – only swept under the rug.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace installation, repair and maintenance pose a real danger to the uninitiated. You are (quite literally) playing with fire, and run the risk of causing a blaze, carbon monoxide poisoning and injury. Not only that, but furnaces are notoriously tricky, and if you do the repairs or maintenance yourself, you may still end up having to call in professionals. It’s best to just call them to begin with.

Gas Piping

This just sounds like a bad idea. And it is. The real risk here is improperly installing your gas line, which can result in leaks, pressure issues and, ultimately, a failure to meet inspections. Where something as combustible and volatile as gas in concerned, it is never a good idea to go it alone. Call in a gas company, and give yourself some peace of mind.

The DIY movement works for a great many things, but not these four jobs. Electrical work, plumbing, furnace maintenance and gas piping should be left to the professionals. Not only is it safer to call in the pros, but, perhaps counter-intuitively, it will probably save you money.

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