Integrity Heating and Cooling, Boston’s Best

If you are living in the Boston area and you are looking at picking up a new furnace for these cold winter months there is only one company that I would recommend that you use, Integrity Heating and Cooling. It isn’t like me to recommend a company or a particular product but after working with these guys I simply cannot stress enough how great the experience was. There are many companies in Boston, MA who may be looking for your business ahead of the winter but in my view these are the guys atet you should be looking to use, and here is why.

Amazing Prices

The first thing which struck me about this company when I began looking ate their website was just how long the prices are that they charge for their products. You can only imagine my amazement too when I saw that they are offering $500 to anyone that finds the products at cheaper prices elsewhere. Now given the amount of firms like this in Boston, MA, this is a pretty bad statement and the truth is, there is no better prices than theirs.

High Quality Products

I first used this company in 2015 during the summer when I needed a new air conditioning unit and I was so happy with the experience that I used them once again last year when I needed a new furnace ahead of the colder months. On both occasions the guys have given me extraordinary products which function brilliantly, are well made and have never given me a moment of worry.


Thankfully I have never had to call upon the repairs services but the company cover cooling repairs and heating repairs in an instant. The reception is open 24 hours per day and they are always on hand to come and fix any issue which you may have. I have a friend who has used these guys in the past and he told me that when there was an issue with his air conditioning unit, they were out within 4 hours to get everything back up and running again.


Something which I must comment on is the high level of quality service which I experienced when using Integrity Heating and Cooling. When I say high quality service I mean that from the receptionist to the installers, the sales team to the maintenance guys, at every level this is a company which wants you to have the very best experience with them. It is quite rare I think in this day and age to work with a company and come away feeling like a valued customer but that is exactly what happened to me with this company and for ay needs which I have in the future I will most certainly be using them.

If you happen to live in Boston, MA and you want to discuss your heating or cooling needs, these are the guys that you need to speak with.

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