Exclusive: Top Hair Loss Solutions Which Actually Work!

Are you beginning to experience hair loss? Or are you looking for the best way to fix the problem? Well, don’t worry even once because we want to show you exactly how to get rid of the nightmare. Hair loss (also known as baldness or alopecia,) is the gradual loss of hair from a section of the head or part of the body. This can be a really embarrassing situation in life and we would like to save you from the mess.  To achieve this, we’ve explained some of the best methods for dealing with hair loss which could actually work well for you. These options we are going to explain include nutritional, chemical products, light therapy, as well as surgical approaches. So, ensure to carefully read every single statement from the beginning up to the end and honestly, you’ll never regret having spent your time. Shall we get started?

  1. Concealment is a Good First Step

Hair loss is an unavoidably hard problem to beat. As a multifactorial condition, there is no one specific best way to deal with it and despite decades and hundreds of millions of dollars spent researching the problem there is no substantially effective cure and even the partial cures have significant drawbacks. For this reason concealment can be the best first step in any attempt at dealing with hair loss, especially in the early stages. A highly effective thickener like Biothik can mean the difference between a thick head of hair and visible thinning, while avoiding any of the side effects of other hair loss treatments.

  1. Try Nutritional Means

Studies have shown there is a definitive link between high insulin levels and hair loss, which means that you can at least slow down the rate at which you lose your hair with a bit of nutritional management. A low carb diet is a great first step to take, any sort of ketogenic diet would be a good one to follow where the emphasis is on healthy protein and fat while keeping carbs low.

  1. What about Laser Light Therapy?

Well, this is equally among the trusted methods of fixing the baldness nightmare. Laser light therapy is done through the use of highly developed devices such as the HairMax LaserComb. You could go for the therapy at nearby laser treatment plants or do it personally at home. This kind of therapy boosts the growth of the little remaining hair by rejuvenating the blood flow in the affected areas.  You need 15 minutes of the therapy daily and you should be patient enough since it takes a little longer time before you may start seeing any results.

  1. Use Minoxidil

With the FDA-approval, Minoxidil is sincerely one of the most renowned hair loss management drugs on the market today. This drug works by delivering an offset of regrowth, through stimulating the growth of new hair. However the hair that grows does not look exactly like your old hair, it is thinner and slightly lighter in colour and you need to keep using minoxidil otherwise it will all fall out in a very short period of time. Post minoxidil shedding can be quite scary for a hair loss sufferer. Other side effects to be worried about are dark circles under the eyes, facial swelling and facial hair growth.

  1. The Modern Toupee

Even though not a solution to reverse your baldness, wigs have come a long way over the years. Modern wigs, otherwise known as hair replacement systems, interlock with your existing hair providing complete coverage in a very realistic package. There are some limitations with regards to the hairline and hairstyles, such as slicked back hair would not work. Also the pieces need refitting and readjustment periodically. But you do avoid all the possible side effects of drug treatments and complications from surgery.

  1. Use Propecia

Apart from Minoxidil, Propecia is the only other FDA-approved drug for hair loss treatment. Unlike the other hair loss treatment methods, Propecia would help your hair to regrow by use of two mechanisms. First, it blocks the androgens which are responsible for baldness in males, and secondly, it encourages and speeds up the growth of new hair. The issue with this is that some men suffer from significant sexual side effects while using Propecia (finasteride) and some have even reported mental side effects.

  1. Think of a Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is one of the reliable and effective ways of fixing hair loss problems. Methods have improved over the years, gone are the days when doctors used plugs for fixing baldness. There’s no doubt that the plugs were unreal and could not deliver desirable results.   Thanks to the modern world for the highly sophisticated hair replacement surgery options which are currently available. What’s really amazing is that there are two methods available. You could go for the strip method or a scar less option if long hair isn’t really your taste.   During a replacement surgery, a strip of hair is cut from an area of your head with lots of hair (Usually at the Back) and then transplanted on the areas with less hair. This method is great since it gives incredible stunning and natural results. The obvious downsides here are that it is surgery, and follicle uptake is not 100%. Also the surgeon you pick matters a lot, so do your research before going down this route.

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