Girish Kumar Navani – A Live-in Carer


Girish Kumar Navani is a live-in carer for his elderly father, who has a deteriorating condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) which is a form of Arthritis that affects the spine. In its advanced state, it can be incredibly painful and restricts movement and mobility. His father uses a wheelchair and mobility scooter but has had to give up driving owing to his worsening condition. Currently there is no cure and medication can prove challenging with the side effects being drowsiness, confusion and memory loss.

Girish Kumar Navani has concerns for the living condition of his father and as such decided to move back in with him to oversee his daily activities whilst he works from home. This means he can drive his father to see friends and visit his mother who is also in a frail condition at the age of 97. Girish is also concerned for his own health as he knows very well that this condition can be hereditary and if he doesn’t get it, it’s possible that his future children might. This affects Girish´s outlook and his relations with partners. He doesn’t want to have children because of this fact.


Nearing the benchmark age of 40, Girish Kumar Navani is uncomfortable about the fact he is single and precariously employed as an illustrator. He feels he would develop professionally without the daily concerns of his father’s well-being looming over him but feels duty bound to support him. Indeed, having a calm state of mind can be more conducive to creative endeavors than an anxious one.

Since having meaningful relationships with women, Girish has arrived at a point where he really appreciates his father and has grown a lot closer to him since getting older. Its proven to Girish that having had long term relationships with loving partners he has managed to confide in them his deepest regrets and concerns over his father and how it has affected his relationship with him over the years. Since his long-term relationship with a woman broke down, he has discovered the loving support of his father to be of great comfort and as a result feels glad to be of some help to him. Indeed, it’s not easy but he gets a sense of meaning from supporting him, despite the concerns over his professional practice.

The years ahead

Girish is aware that as his father’s condition deteriorates, he will need to consider additional support from social services. There has been talk of rehousing him in a care home with a warden to oversee any immediate problems. Finances are low with them both so it would involve selling the house to support the move. Both are reluctant to do so as it was important for his father to leave his children with some form of security and Girish admits that he would appreciate having a share of that to help him find better security in his housing. Until then, Girish maintains his support and feels grateful for the time he has spent with his father and has found a solace in helping him. As father to son relationships go- this is one of genuine friendship rather than just duty.

Girish is currently converting the loft into a studio and has an additional art space in the town center so he can pursue his creative work. His father is happy this is happening as his son’s success is of great importance to him.

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