Best Version Media – Tips on Creating a Positive Working Environment

The happiness of our workforce should be of paramount importance to any business and if we can create a culture that our employees enjoy, we can maximize their performance, loyalty and their overall output. There are so many benefits to having a positive culture in the workplace from lower absence rates, better results and easier recruitment. One company which understands this very well is Best Version Media, a company who have earned rave reviews and a reputation for their positive culture that they have instilled into the workplace. BVM is a company which creates and publishes micro tag magazines for towns, communities and niche industries and everyone who works for them or who has worked for them, will often talk about the incredible culture which they have. If you would like to create a similar culture for your employees, here are some tips on how to do it.


Many employees offer rewards to their staff but these are often empty promises and a bait and switch tactic which they can only use once before employees realize. The key to creating a positive culture in your workplace is to actually reward your staff when they have met targets or when they have been working particularly hard. When you reward your staff you can do so with cash incentives, offering time off or even celebrating as a team with a paid night out.


We may want our employees to turn up every day and give us their all but we must understand that they also have pressures outside of work. This is why we must be flexible with our employees around time off, days off and vacation time. Almost every company that has a relaxed attitude towards personal time count on happier staff and staff who are willing to put in the extra hours and hard yards whenever it is needed. This reciprocal agreement and if you want your team to help you out when it is needed, you must do the same for them.

Ideas Harvesting

Many people who run a business have no idea just how much creativity they already have within their teams and this is because they have not created an environment whereby team members feel confident bringing up new ideas. Business owners must understand how to harvest the ideas which the team has and they must create a culture of innovation where employees are encouraged to come forward with creativity. In doing this we can not only get some great ideas which can help us work better and find success, but it also serves to make sure that our team feels valued and listened to. Employees that do not feel valued may end up looking for employment elsewhere, and you may end up losing a highly skilled member of the team.

You will not be able to create a culture like this overnight but little by little you can instill a culture of hard work combined with fun, creativity and respect.

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