Jonathan Levin Philadelphia Attorney on Selecting a Specialty


Jonathan Levin Philadelphia-based attorney is serial winner who has spent over 20 years working in this profession. Over the years Jonathan has switched specialties twice and whilst he does have what it takes to turn his hand to most legal matters, he is all too aware that one must pick a specific field to work within, in order to offer the best legal service that he can. More often than not you will choose a particular specialty after you have graduated law school and this will determine which kind of law firms you will look to move into. In order to choose your specialty, here is what Jonathan recommends you start thinking about.


You have to be passionate about the legal field that you choose and if you aren’t then you may ever give your all to your career. Perhaps you are particularly passionate about corporate law, working with hedge funds or private institutions around the financial aspect of state and federal law. Alternatively, you may wish to work on more pro-bono cases such which support the criminals and misfits who do not have another way of defending themselves. Whatever the case you should always look to ensure that your field is something which you care about greatly.


Whilst it is true that most attorneys can turn their hand to a great many legal cases, there are certain skills within the various fields which you must have win order to be successful. For example, if you wish to work within environmental law then you must be aware of the challenges which this particular sector faces and expose yourself to the laws and the individuals within such an environment. Not everyone has the skills or the knowledge to work in some of the more specific branches of the law so you need to perform an honest self-assessment in order to see where your skills will be better placed.

Trial and Error

As people like Jonathan have shown, you do not need to pick your specialty early on and then stick with it for life and this is why trial and error will be an important aspect in your selection of your own specialty. During your college years you will have the opportunity to look into a huge array of legal specialties and this will be an important process in your selection. Over the course of your education you can test yourself in many aspects of the law and this will give you a great indication as to whether or not it suits you, and whether or not you have the skills for it. It is more than worth your while to give many different branches of law your time and attention in order to see if it is for you.

Don’t worry about making a poor choice because even if you do it is something which can always be reversed. The key here is to pick a specialty which will ensure that you can give your all to your client and that you will be able to represent them to the best of your abilities.

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