Looking to Hire a Travel Agent? Read This First!

Going on a trip can be a lot easier if you book a tour package through a travel agent. From flight bookings to hotel bookings to suggesting a travel itinerary, travel agents help you with all that’s required to ensure a hassle-free trip. Hiring a travel agent, however, is not easy and you need to be very cautious when hiring one. That said, in this post we list a few things that you must ensure before you hire a travel agent in India.

1. Check their legitimacy

While hiring a travel agent is a great idea, you also need to make sure that you don’t fall for the wrong one, as there are many scammers out there. It is, therefore, important that you check the legitimacy of the travel agent. To do so, you need to ask the agent for their certifications and government approved business permits. Only if they have them all, they are legit.

2. Look into their affiliations

Another way to check the legitimacy of a travel agent is to check their affiliations. If a travel agent is affiliated with reputable hotels and airlines, chances are that you can trust them. That’s because these reputable companies have a reputation to protect, and that’s the reason they would not work with just any travel agent.

3. Read online reviews

Customers usually leave their feedback about the tour package and the services received, especially if things didn’t go as expected. So, before you hire a travel agent, read online reviews to find out if there are any negative reviews about them. Also, don’t be be very disappointed if you find something negative unless the number of negative reviews constitutes a very big percentage of the total number of reviews.

4. Check their website

An professional travel agent would always have a website. Check their website as it would give you a good insight of the company. If the website has all the information that you as a traveler would be looking for, and is easy to navigate, it’s a sign that the agent knows their job.

5. Talk to at least 3 travel agents

Don’t just settle for the first travel agent that comes your way. Talk to at least three travel agents and compare the services they are offering. Also, don’t just choose a travel agent because they were offering the cheapest rates. Instead focus on the services they are offering and their customers’ feedbacks about them.

6. Check out how prompt they are

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a travel agent is how prompt they are in responding to your concerns. Ask them how soon can you expect a response from them if you face any concern during your trip. Make sure the travel agent or tour operator has a dedicated team that’s available 24 by 7 to help you resolve your concerns, especially if you are travelling abroad.

7. Make sure they offer a reliable travel insurance

While everybody would want their holiday tour to be hasslefree, but one must stay prepared for any unexpected situation or incidence. For example, loss of baggage, cancellation of flights or a personal injury. Make sure the travel agent you hire has a valid travel agent insurance that covers all their liabilities towards their customers.

Wrap Up

While you might be wondering what hiring a travel agent will add to the cost of your trip, the fact is an experienced travel agent can help you save much more and discover exciting travel packages. Travel agents in India, for instance, can help you get better rates on Dubai, Europe, Africa, and USA tour packages. So, make sure you hire one before you go on a holiday tour, and use the tips mentioned above to find the right one.

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