My Wife Talks About What Makes Mike Giuffrida Her Perfect Boss

We cannot chose the boss that we have and for many people they have a boss that they really do not like, this is why it is important to appreciate good bosses when they come along. My wife’s boss is called Mike Giuffrida and in her view he is the perfect boss. I asked my wife recently to elaborate on why he is such a great boss, in order to engage with you all and hopefully inspire some of you to be better bosses, or to appreciate the boss that you do have. My wife spoke at length about her boss and here is why she thinks that he is the best.


One of Mike’s greatest attributes my wife tells me is that he is very fair with the whole team and he is always consistent in the way that he treats each member of the team. My wife spoke at length about how he is firm when he needs to bet but only when it is necessary and any punishment will always fit whatever has been done wrong.


Another great attribute which my wife spoke about was her boss’s ability too be flexible when it comes to the staff and their needs. Whether someone needs some time for a doctor’s appointment or picking the kids up from school, her boss is always more than happy to be flexible around giving people some time here and there. She stresses that in doing this the team are more than happy to work late when it is needed and that nobody minds picking up some overtime, as they know that the rule works both ways.


Perhaps the greatest attribute which Mike has is his ability to inspire and my wife often talks about how he has the ability to motivate everyone in the team, even though they all have different characters. Being able to inspire a wide variety of people is something that any boss would love to be able to do, and this is why my wife believes that this is her boss’ greatest quality. My wife tells me that even on days when she is not feeling very motivated, her boss can speak a few words to her and is able to inspire her to get going.

Part of the Team

My partner has worked for a number of companies and she says that one thing which many bosses fail to do is consider themselves as part of the team, prefer to step away from the team dynamic in order to lead. With Mike however she says that he has the ability to do both, he can be a part of the team when required and he can also step back in the leadership role. This is a skill which very few possess and because her boss is like this, the entire team works better as a result.

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