Rock Stars are Making the Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Rock stars have an image to uphold and this includes the rock and roll lifestyle of partying it up, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Up until a few years ago, this rock and roll image was the norm, with rockers such as Lemmy and Keith Richards being photographed with their cigarettes, leather jackets and long, shaggy hair. Now, both the general population and rock stars are realising that smoking is really bad for you, especially as a singer who needs healthy lungs to sing to the best of his/her ability. Here’s how and why these rock stars have given up cigarettes for e-cigarettes and why this trend will continue to grow.

What are Vapes and How Do They Work?

Vapes, also known as e-cigarettes, are an electronic device that allows you to inhale nicotine through liquid vapour, rather than in smoke. Vapes don’t produce tar or burn tobacco unlike cigarettes, and they don’t produce carbon monoxide, which are three of the most dangerous and deadly ingredients in cigarettes. A vape works by heating the liquid, which you can then inhale. There are many different flavours of e-liquid and they come in different strengths of nicotine. This means you will still be addicted to the nicotine in e-cigarettes, but they have been found to have fewer side effects compared to smoking cigarettes, and much less deadly side effects.

The Culture of Vaping

Nowadays you cannot go down the high street without seeing a vape store being opened, and many people are vaping in their own homes rather than lighting up their next cigarette. As a UK phenomenon, vapes are and will remain popular for years to come, with everyone from The Foo Fighters to Courtney Love. Vaping has become popular for a variety of reasons, one being the ban of smoking in public areas and in pubs. This is where vapes began to emerge but now this is also banned in many areas. One of the other reasons vaping has become popular is because it is a way to stop smoking cigarettes but keeping a habit going, without the same health implications of a cigarette. Dave Navarro of the band Jane’s Addiction has publicly talked about how breaking off from cigarettes with the help of his vape has saved his life.

Why Vaping Could Help You Stop Smoking

There is a debate on whether e-cigarettes really do stop you smoking, but between e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes, vaping does seem to outweigh the negatives of smoking. There are countless medical studies that show the deadly side effects of smoking, especially over a long period of time. Although vapes haven’t been around for as long as cigarettes, there are fewer side effects from inhaling the vaping liquid compared to inhaling cigarette smoke. Lots of e-liquids still do contain nicotine and, therefore, can still be addictive and just as costly.

If you do want to make the change like many of the rock stars above, you need to choose a good ecig store. You can find a wide variety at Grey Haze store which is a great place to check out the best e-cigarette for you and what flavours you’d enjoy the most. There are a variety of different e-cigarettes and mods that can be bought from Grey Haze, all tailored to your needs. They also have more flavours than you could possibly choose from. One of the biggest advantages of quitting smoking by using e-cigarettes is that you can enjoy the taste of your e-liquid, as most smokers say they do not like the taste of smoking.

Rock Stars Promoting Vaping

There have been many rock stars that have introduced vaping to the public, whether this is by releasing their own e-liquid, or as The Foo Fighters have done, adding an e-cigarette into their music video. In “Run”, one of their new releases, Dave Grohl, who also directed the music video, stars as an old man in a care home. In the video, Grohl steals an e-cigarette, smokes it, and then exhales a huge cloud of the stuff, causing an uncontrollable riot with the other residents in the care home. There are also bands that have created their own range of e-liquids such as the band Gwar. They have made some rather odd flavours such as Spew, Jizmoglobin, and Bloodbath.

Vaping does seem to be the new trend whoever you are. Rock Star or not, it is obvious why so many people are choosing to vape over smoking cigarettes. With more musicians likely to switch to the alternative and healthier way to smoke, the trend will continue to grow, and you will likely see more and more vape shops popping up on a street near you. If you want to stop smoking yourself, vaping may be a good alternative if you find you cannot quit cold turkey.

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