How to reduce stress while travelling

Travelling is supposed to be your way out of the daily mundane life filled with stress and anxiety. It’s supposed to be your special treat, where you relax and savor the finer moments of life.

Unfortunately, for many of us, travelling can in fact pile on even more stress than usual. While this may seem like a weird contradiction, if you think about the amount of preparation needed for a getaway, as well as the physical/mental toll, it is understandable.

In this article from Paul at the Canvas Factory, we’ll look at various ways you can reduce stress while travelling and enjoy your getaway to its fullest.

  1. Keep it Simple

Often when people travel, they come up with impossible to-do lists where every sight and sound of the destination HAS to be experienced. While you certainly don’t want to miss out on the Eiffel tower or the pyramids, you ought to take it slow and make smart choices, so that you don’t just end up taking a few photographs and wrecking your health. Try to actually cherish the memory of the sights, and spend quality time in them.

  1. Have a routine

Paradoxically, though one of the big benefits of travel is breaking your normal routine, having no routine at all can bring some people quite a lot of stress. It’s common to just laze around and fall into a sort of rut of relaxation while travelling, and there’s nothing wrong with it; so long as it doesn’t consume a large part of your travels that is. Try to set up routines, which could be as simple as following good sleep patterns and letting your body follow a healthy circadian rhythm.

  1. Exercise

While no one wants to think about the gym while traveling, it certainly doesn’t help to drink and sit under a palm tree which is a staple of a traveler’s lifestyle. You don’t need to lift weights, but just walk around the city and do some yoga to keep your body fit.

  1. Eat healthy

A traveler’s diet is probably second only to the fast food diet in terms of healthy eating. Let’s face it, nobody wants to count their calories when they’re on vacation. But do try to at least get a couple of healthy meals everyday with fruits/veggies/meat forming your diet. Your body will thank you for it when you get back home.

  1. Slow down

It’s very tempting to go from point to point and cram as much things as you can in a day to make most of your downtime. But in a way, you’ll be working more during your travel than you would back home. So slow down and relax; even if you just sit in the beach the whole day without doing anything, it’s perfectly fine.

  1. No time for regrets

You need to accept the fact that you’re going to overpay for a souvenir in the street market and that you may be scammed at a few places. You may drink a little bit too much than you intended to, but its all part of the experience. Don’t beat yourself up over it and ruin your time with regrets. Learn to forgive and forget.

  1. Be aware of your body

We tend to take our body for granted and ignore all signs of wearing down, so as to not make it affect our travel plans. However, physical toll does have its limits and when pushed too far, it breaks down. So be aware of your body and try to “heal” yourself whenever it feels like you’re reaching the crescendo. Look out for physical signs of wearing down such as weaker immunity, depression/travel blues, irregular periods, digestive and sleep issues, mood swings, etc.

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