Dayanna Volitich – Signs You Are Getting Older

Aging may not be something that we have a choice about but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting when it does actually begin to happen. For myself and my friend Dayanna Volitich it all started when we reached the age of around 33/34, this was the time that things began to change. With this being said it can happen to us at any time and some of my friends didn’t feel their age until they were in their mid-40s. Feeling old can happen in a number of ways and these are some of the signs that you should start to look for.


When you are 21 you don’t do what 16 year olds do and this is fine because the world is still an exciting place for a 21 or 25 year old. Unfortunately however you will eventually hit a wall whereby anything that the sub-30 group are doing, is something which you are completely excluded from. This could be music tastes, places where you go out or types of vacations that you take, there are a certain number of activities reserved for the younger people and when you no l anger feel welcome, it is a sign of your age.

Less Desire

The pinnacle for me was when I realized that time and time again, I would prefer a night in front of the television or with a good book, rather than heading out on the town. Much of this comes down to your relationship situation of course, singletons know that heading out could mean a chance to meet someone. If you are in a steady relationship however, the sign of age are those nights when you shun the town for a quiet night in with a glass of red.

Physical Changes

The physical changes will happen to each person individually, some may have grey hair and wrinkles from an early age, some later. Regardless of when these changes take place they are not good and once you realize that your skin doesn’t have quite the elasticity that it once did, or that your bones creak a little more than they used to, this is certainly a sign that the aging process is kicking in.

Energy Levels

One of the biggest differences for me has been waking up, doing so with slightly less energy than I used to. These days the ordeal of getting up and attacking the day is not as simple as it one was and it does take me a little bit more time and effort to get going than it used to. Things are not bleak of course, I am not 80 years old after all, it is just these slight changes which I have started to notice and can clearly see that it is thanks to me being older than I once was.

We may all have to get old but that is not to say that we should be happy about it, watch for these signs if you are concerned.

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