Ways to Reconnect with Your Childhood

Are there times when you miss being a child?

There are many great things about being so young and taking time to grow up.

From few if any responsibilities to gifts and love from adults’ childhood can often be a great thing.

With that thought in mind, are you trying to find ways to reconnect with your childhood?

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

When you are attempting to reconnect with your childhood, keep some of these ideas in mind:

1. Stay in touch with the past – One way to connect with your youth is staying in touch wit outside family and friends. Given many of these people know you from your childhood days, relive some of that time. You could decide to organize a family reunion at some point during this year. This provides you with an opportunity to get people together from your childhood. Encourage them to bring pictures or videos to share with all those in attendance. Before long, you will be laughing and even shedding a few tears over all the fun times you had as a kid.

2. Watching TV shows and movies from your childhood – Did you have any favorite shows or movies as a kid? If so, do you get chance these days to watch them once again? Doing so can bring back some memories. Sure, some may bother you a little bit, but it was all part of growing up. So, whether you sit down for your favorite show from days gone by or movies such as Revenge of the Nerds, relive them. You may well have a collection of old VHS or newer DVD tapes of your favorite shows and movies from decades ago. If so, you have a collection of memories waiting for you to get in touch with again.

3. Visiting where you grew up – Unless you have stayed put in the same home you lived in as a child, chances are you’ve moved on. That said you should take time to go back home where you grew up. If you live not too far from your childhood home, getting back there will be easier. If you live a long distance from there, think about taking a trip back at some point if you have not already. You can relive the memories of growing up as a young boy or girl there. If you have children of your own now, let them see where you spent your time as a young one. Doing so is part of giving your kid a good childhood. It is important for them to learn from you. Part of that learning involves knowing what life was like for you when you were their age. As part of going home, you may reconnect with people you have not seen in a long time.

As you look for ways to reconnect with your childhood, some of them might be rather obvious.

Take time to think about how you can travel back to the days when life had few responsibilities and much fun.

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