Why Bostonians Should Choose Integrity Heating and Cooling Machines

Last month it was time once again to get my furnace checked out ahead of the Boston winter and I was disappointed to find out that it needed to be completely replaced. After a quick check of some local companies online I found a place called Integrity Heating and Cooling who work across Boston, MA. I thought I’d give the guys a try as their website looked pretty impressive. I wasn’t sure about replacing my furnace with them but decided to give it a go and all I have to say is ‘wow’ what an amazing company to work with and one which I would certainly recommend for any of your heating or cooling needs in the Boston, MA area. It is hard to find great companies these days and so I want to talk a little about why this one is so good.

Straight Up Pricing

I rarely shirk on costs when it comes down to important pieces of equipment in the home such as the heating furnace, which is why I was curious to see just how cheap the prices were for this company. As a testament to the low price the company were even offering a flat out $500 to anyone that was able to beat their prices in the Boston, MA area, as you can imagine, nobody can.

Great Quality

I have a bit of experience in the hearting trade and whilst I may not be an expert I know what to look out for in a great piece of machinery. This is why I was so surprised when my low cost furnace arrived, because the quality was exceptional. The saying that you get what you pay for really isn’t true here and if you go with Integrity then you can be sure of low prices and high quality, the perfect combination.


In many cases when you opt to buy a cheap product, there is normally somewhere that you will pay along the line, and that can very often be with regards to the service which you receive from the company, not so with Integrity. In fact from my first conversation with the receptionist to the guys who came out to check the furnace, and then even the woman who came out to fit the new furnace, the service which I received was nothing short of outstanding. Everyone made me feel welcome and valued and that is something that is quite rare in this day and age.

After Care

Whilst I have not been able to take advantage of it just yet, the comprehensive after care package that the company offer is highly impressive and as a customer it gives you the peace of mind that a piece of kit as important as a furnace, will be looked after for years to come.

If you do happen to live in the Boston area then contact Integrity for your heating and cooling needs.

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