7 must have wireless gadgets for the traveling man

When you travel, one of the most annoying things is all the cables you have to have with you. You lose a cable and you are stuck. The cable culture is dying and it can’t die fast enough for us. Yes, we know that there are some things that we just can’t do wirelessly yet, but in time that list will get shorter and shorter. Here are a few wireless gadgets for the traveling man. In all reality, we don’t really mind the cables, but it’s much more fun to have the wireless gadgets, cool is just cool. 


There are a lot of headsets and earphones these days that run wirelessly. You can buy many different varieties online at some pretty amazing prices. Amazingly cheap or amazingly expensive. Our personal favorites are the small earbuds that just fit in your ear and that’s it, there are no extra wires or anything. It makes you feel a little like you are in the future. The quality is not bad on most, but, as always, you get what you pay for. Anything is better than having to run wires to your laptop or phone and getting them tangled or broken. It is so much better to drop your phone in your pocket and just listen in privacy. 


There are battery packs or power banks for phones and other gadgets, and they are a lifesaver when you are traveling and need that extra life. If your phone runs out of juice on a trip and you can’t find a place to charge it, you are dead in the water, but with a power bank, you are safe. It’s a much-needed plan B. There are also wireless power banks now, that you can just lay your phone on and have it charge that way. A world without wires is on the way. 


Most phones and laptops really don’t have the best speakers built into them. You can wear a wireless headset, but sometimes you just want music in the room. You might want white noise if sounds outside are too loud, or the relaxing sound of ocean waves, or some heavy metal to lift your spirits, whatever rocks your boat. A good set of Bluetooth speakers can make a much more pleasant trip for quality of sound. 

Mini Router / Repeater

Technically wireless, a mini router and repeater has a few uses. It can add to your security, offer a firewall, and other functions all the way up to a built in proxy server for those that really want to remain secure. A repeater can take the wifi from the hotel, if they don’t have an Ethernet cable, as less and less hotels have these days, and rebroadcast that onto your own wifi signal. You are basically creating your own private wifi network on the hotels wifi network, and adding security. they are usually very small and very easy to set up, and definitely something every tech traveler needs. 

Folding Bluetooth keyboard

If you are like a lot of us these days, you might not take a laptop on every trip. Phones are getting so powerful that they are more powerful than even laptops from years ago. The downside (as well as the upside) is their size. If you are going to have to do a lot of typing, trying to do that on a phone keyboard can be a nightmare. This is where a nice Bluetooth keyboard comes in. Get a lightweight, wireless, foldable keyboard and suddenly you can feel as if you are working on your laptop again. It’s then easy to write out that next best-selling novel, even if your screen is a bit tiny.

Travel mouse

Just like the keyboard, you can get a small travel mouse that works wirelessly as well. Sometimes it’s just easier to use a mouse than trying to do everything by touchscreen on a phone, or even a trackpad on your laptop. Tucking a little wireless travel mouse in your case takes almost no room or weight, and makes life a lot more pleasant. 

Tracking tag

These are amazingly helpful little items. They are basically a little Bluetooth tag that keeps track of your items. You can even set it so that it fires off an alarm when something gets too far away from you. You can attach it to important things and make them chirp with your phone to find where you might have misplaced them. Some of them also have a company service which makes a network of everyone with the same tags and if your item is lost or stolen and if it comes within range of anyone with the same tag the system it will alert you where it is. Better safe than sorry when you are traveling.

These are just some items that will make you feel that you are entering the future. Just cool to have and play with, but extremely useful as well. There are many more wireless toys and travel gadgets coming, but these, we feel, are the first ones that every man needs.  

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