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Some years ago, my small business here in Coconut Creek, Florida had a dip in sales which was quite unprecedented, and this put me into a bit of a panic. The business never made vast profits, but it did enough to keep me ticking over and to be able to put some money away for retirement. I decided to take action and after speaking to my son who also lives here in Coconut Creek, Florida, I decided that email marketing might work for me. After reading the eTargetMedia reviews I decided that this would be a good company to use and the results were astonishing. My client base has grown and so to have my profits. If you are wondering about this kind of marketing, here are some of your FAQs answered.

Is It Worth The Money?

One of the most common questions about email marketing is whether or not it is worth the money and the answer is a resounding yes. In terms of return on investment there is no other form of digital marketing which is able to offer ROI like email marketing, and that includes social media marketing.

Who Gets Emailed?

If you use a company for your email marketing, then they will use metrics to drill down into their database of email address of people who live in the area of your business and who enjoy similar services and products to your business in order to get the best possible chance of interaction. This targeted marketing means that you will be emailing people who fall into your target demographic. You will also be able to email existing customers who have used your company before.

How Do I Know Who Engages?

The software that exists for email marketing at the moment is absolutely incredible and they can see who has clicked through the email, who makes purchases and what people may be looking at on your website. These metrics are used so that you can see what kind of success and customer interaction your emails have had.

Can They Be Personalized?

The emails that you send out will be personalized for each person that receives an email and this is important for two reasons. The first reason is that in doing this you will be able to gain more traction from your emails as people will know that you care, the second reason is that any promotional emails like this need to get past tight spam filters so that your target customer will actually see it.

Who Should Use It?

In reality any company can use email marketing as part of their marketing strategy, but small businesses are best placed to use it. This is because of its cost-effective nature and the ability to increase brand awareness. Larger companies will pump more money into an endeavor like marketing and can use more effective strategies, small businesses can benefit greatly from this marketing method.

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