Jeffrey Breault – Why He Loves His Kit Car

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Kit cars have long been a great way for car enthusiasts like Jeffrey Breault to live out their supercar fantasies. These cars may not be the most powerful, but they are some beautifully designed cars which anyone who is into the automotive industry will absolutely love. Jeff Breault has been working on his current kit car for around 3 years now and it is a real passion for him and hobby which he has fallen in love with. I spoke to Jeff a couple weeks ago as I had this article in mind too write, and I wanted to ask him why he loves his kit car so much, here is what he said.

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Jeff has been a car lover since he was a young boy and whilst his career as a racing car driver or an F1 mechanic may never have materialized, he still always wanted to be involved in cars in some capacity. Through his work on his kit cars however Jeff has been able to live out his dreams of creating stunning cars and doing so with his own hands.


Something which Jeffrey also loves is the learning process which you go through when you are creating these kit cars and there are always challenges which he needs to overcome. off is currently on his third kit car and he has began to focus a great deal on aerodynamics, something which he had never considered with his first two cars. Jeffrey has a real passion for cars and this is why he is more than happy to learn everything about them that he possibly can.


Something which Jeff told me that I hadn’t really considered was that working on his kit car is very much a relaxing and cathartic experience. He tells me that the stresses of life simply melt away when he opens his garage door, where the only things that matter to him is him and his car. It may be difficult for some people to understand that working on a car in this manner can be relaxing but Jeff says that he would certainly recommend it as a stress reliever. Whenever he is highly strung Jeff simply puts on some country music, lifts up the hood and gets to work on whichever kit car he happens to be working on.


For Jeff there is no thrill greater than revving up his kit car and taking it out onto the open road and he speaks about how much pride it gives him to be able to take to the road in a piece of kit which he built himself. The reason why he works so hard on his cars is for this moment when he turns the key and lets the engine roar, the whole purpose behind building a car like this in the first place.

If you love cars then this could be a great way for you to start a new hobby.

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