Great Wealth Building Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Want to give your loved ones a gift they don’t forget about immediately? Cash, gift cards, and the latest toys and gadgets are quick to slip away. If you want to give something that lasts, give a gift that will help your loved ones build their wealth.

It’s easy to get carried away by trends and impulse buys. But a gift that builds wealth will not quickly be forgotten, and the gains over time can make your contribution to their financial well-being that much more meaningful. It’s more than a cash gift – it’s something they can use for a rainy day, retirement, or their ongoing financial success.

If you’re looking for wealth building gift ideas, look no further:

Gold and Silver Bars

Precious metals combine the hold-it-in-your-hand quality of something you can wrap up and give to someone with the financial value of an investment that will appreciate over time. Gold and silver are both solid investments – in both senses of the word.

When you give someone a silver gold bar, you’re giving them a safe haven asset that performs well during recessions.

Gold prices have been rising as recession fears materialize, and silver has followed suit.

Buying gold and silver bars is easy, too. You can go online and quickly find online precious metal sellers that offer good prices and even deals on bullion-grade precious metals. Here are a few tips for saving on gold and silver bars:

  • Pay with check, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency to take advantage of cash discounts.
  • Gold stocks are not spared during a recession, and they will take a hit like any equities. If you want an asset that performs counter to the stock market, forget mining companies and stick with gold bullion itself.
  • Silver bars are cheaper and you can save by buying more of them. Increase the volume of your purchase to cut down on premiums – you can both give silver bars and keep some for yourself.

Gold and Silver Collectible Coins

Other great gifts incorporating the security and appreciation of bullion are gold and silver collectible coins. A little more expensive than their weight in bars, collectible coins can add a bit of personality, and they can appeal to both collectors and hard-nosed investors who are only interested in financial benefits.

There are gold and silver coins from around the world to be had online. Whether you’re looking for a classic commemorative coin or something with a pop culture connection, you can easily find something that will speak to the recipient.

For greater liquidity, stick to well-known coins from the Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, U.S. Mint, or Austrian Mint – any coin that is also legal tender.

Silver Rounds

For the more adventurous, there are silver rounds. These are privately refined rounds that look like coins, but since they are not legal tender, can’t be called such. However, they often have much more inventive designs and they’re still worth their weight in silver.

Explore your options and find the right financial gift for someone close to you.

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