Jared Seyl – Tips on Getting What You Want From Your Career

Are you getting all that you want from your career? Are you just embarking upon your career and worried that you may not achieve all that you wanted? If so then you are certainly not alone and this is something which many worry about, and which even more actually do in terms of failing their career goals. There are however a great many people who do meet their goals, people such as my good friend here in Denver, Jared Seyl who has made a fantastic career working in farmers insurance and later on working in financial advising. Jared will happily say that whilst he has goals for himself, those which he set for his career when he left education have most certainly been achieved, and here is how he managed to do just that.

Setting Clear Goals

Jared is certain that one of the key reasons as to why he was able to achieve his gals regarding his career was that he knew specifically what they were. Instead of just thinking that he’d like more money or that he wanted a powerful position, he would map out plans 5 and 10 years ahead which he could work towards. Jared believes that people are far too vague with their plans which is why they perhaps don’t achieve as much as they would like to.

Hard Work

As simple as it may sound hard work was particularly important for Jared in terms of achieving his career goals and he says that anyone who has clear objectives must do the same if they want to achieve them. This hard work however is not sufficient on its own and if you don’t know what the specific objectives are, you won’t know exactly where to aim your hard work towards.


There has to be an element of risk about the decisions that you make for yourself and for your career and whilst nobody is saying that these should be blind risks, carefully calculated gambles must be made in order to achieve your ambition. Jared speaks about how farmers insurance was never something he had really considered going into here in Denver but he decided to give it a go which resulted in him carving out a highly successful career for himself. Not all of Jared’s risks paid off of course but enough did, which is how he was able to achieve his goals.

Spotting the Signs

Once you have your career goals lined up you will be far more aware of the signs that present themselves to you as you tread the career path. Many opportunities will come and go as your life and career progresses and you may not always make the right decision. The point is however that you have your eyes open and that you will be able to see these opportunities when they present themselves.

Jared marks these four traits as the reasons why he was able to achieve his career goals and he believes that you can do the same if you follow them.

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