John Robert Powers Gives Tips For Models

If you have dreams of becoming model then you should do all that you can to realize that dream, and that means learning from those in the know. In light of this we recently spoke to John Robert Powers modeling agency here in Chicago, to further understand what you need to do in order to become a star. As you can imagine, not everyone that wants to be a model is able to achieve it and whilst much of your success may come down to how you look, there is plenty that you can be doing too in order to give yourself the best possible chance. After speaking to the guys at John Robert Powers in Chicago, here are some top tips on how you can give yourself that chance.

Focusing on You

It should go without saying but you must focus on how you look and do all that you can to care for the product, you. This means that you shod be regularly exercising and eating well so that you always look great, you should be using products on your hair and your skin to make sure that you always look your best and you must avoid any vices which can have a negative impact on the way that you look. Even if you are trying to be a plus size model, you still need to look great and the onus is on you to do just that.

Social Media

We live in an age now where people can make it all on their own through the use of social media and building up a following is something which you need to try and do. This means cleaning up your social media and creating a profile of modeling shots which people will love. Even if you are not getting paid work, social media can bring you great success which you can then use to get yourself modeling gigs. Don’t wait for an agency like John Robert Powers to give you the green light, let the public decide first and then force their hand.


There is an old saying that ‘it is not what you know, but who you know’ and that is particularly true in the world of modeling. Although this is a heavily competitive industry, you must try and make contacts and build relationships at every possible opportunity. You never know when this may work in your favor so ensure that you are always kind and that you try to create long lasting relationships with photographers, other models and executive staff.

Keep Going

Unless you are very fortunate you will fail a great deal in this industry and it is vital that you keep going. It doesn’t matter if you are rejected 50 times from modeling shoots, listen to the feedback and go again. You must have thick skin in this industry to survive and that means taking the losses and trying again, if you can’t do this then maybe this isn’t the industry for you.

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