Mack Prioleau How To Improve Your Football Skills

If you have dreams of one day becoming a pro footballer, or perhaps even just a well respected college or amateur level footballer, the key is always going to be what you do away from training and away from the games. My good friend Mack Prioleau was always the best footballer that I knew and he had a brilliant time in college, sadly he didn’t quite make it to the big time. These days Mack is a coach and I picked his brains last week about what high school kids should be doing more of, if they really want to have a chance of a career in football, and here is what he said.


Something which isn’t considered very much at such a young age is the nutrition of these young athletes and so you must take it upon yourself to manage your diet and what you are putting into your body. Whist you may still be growing there is still a certain way that you should be living to ensure that your body is growing in the right way. Speak to someone involved in sports science to understand how you should be fueling your body.

Nail a Position

Most youngsters don’t really nail down a position until they approach the latter end of their high school years, and even then most simply fall into whatever position they have been put in by the coach. Mack thinks that this is wrong and he believes that the best idea is to nail your position as early as you can. Now of course you must be realistic here, if you are weighing almost 140 pounds at the age of 14 then you may struggle to shape a career as a wide receiver! AS long as you are realistic then you should look to select your position early and then focus on the moves and the correct training for that exact position.

Living and Breathing

Growing up when you have a dream like playing pro-football can be very difficult indeed and there will be much temptation and many challenges along the way. It is however up to you as to whether you can avoid those temptations and focus solely on your football. Far too much young talent has fallen by the wayside because they chose another life, and 99.9% of those will live with regrets for the rest of their lives. If you want this then you had better start living and breathing it.


Another great tool is to start watching games differently, no longer should you just watch them to see who will win or who plays well, you should instead pay close attention to the details. If you already have a position then watch the player playing it, watch how they move, fake, the lines that they run or the way that they throw. Once you start watching and understanding more and more, you will begin to implement things that you have seen, once you are on the field.

Beyond all of this hard work is the key to your success, don’t ever lose sight of your goals.

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