Tyler Tysdal discusses how to succeed in Real Estate

Tyler Tysdal is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TitleCard Capital Group with many years’ experience in managing Real Estate.

You should never just rush into selling properties. You need to look around see as many as you can and check out the full market. Ensure that you know the areas where you live well enough to make decisions about whether you wish to have properties there. You need to plan and organize just as you would in any other business. This will ensure greater success

Here are some other ways to guarantee you get the success that you deserve.

Seek out a role model or mentor to show you the ropes. You can then witness first hand how they make their money and what you need to succeed. You will also hopefully get to Network with likeminded professionals and your own prospective clients. If you offer your services for free to the mentor, then they will be more than happy to help you learn the ropes.

Be organized and find a system that works well for you. Some agents these days will do everything by phone or laptop; work out whether this will work for you and if not work out where you are going to put your little office. Somewhere at home is an initial step to keep costs low. If you do use technology only, take care to back it up at regular intervals. Before you make your decision however

  • Check with your broker’s policies and practices as they may only accept documents in a certain format. Also check that you do not have a legal obligation to hold the data in a certain format.
  • Ensure that you are one hundred percent au fait with the tool that you choose or be prepared to do a crash course quickly.
  • You need the document to work for you, but you do not need to make it cumbersome for your client, the client’s needs should come first.
  • Always have a plan B in case things go wrong especially with technology. Also, documents can be damaged, so a paper based, and a technology based might be the ideal combination to ensure safety.

Working for yourself can be a tricky business so plan each day to maximize it. Real Estate is a fast-paced industry where you will need to prioritize and strike when the iron is hot or you could miss out on some of the best value properties. You will have deadlines; you will have clients who are stressed regarding a new or old home. Do not swerve from your task list in the order you have written it unless there is a disaster brewing elsewhere. You should be spending the majority of your time prospecting for new clients and ensuring that your current ones are happy.

One common mistake is that small companies such as this forget about their business duties such as marketing and administration. These should take roughly one day of a five-day week and although they may be your least favorite roles, you preferring the action and to be in the thick of it, they are jobs that need doing in order to achieve success.


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